Volkswagen Thinks Blue for efficiency and sustainability

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Volkswagen Think Blue

Volkswagen is a big organization with a lot of people - that means 195,000 sources of ideas to make the company’s factories more efficient by reducing use of resources and planning ahead.

Think Blue is Volkwagen’s program to share ideas between plants and fulfil the company’s objective of ecological sustainability.

Through Think Blue, the compnay makes a statement that it doesn’t just want to build efficient cars - it also wants to build those cars efficiently.

Specifically, it wants to reduce the environmental impact of each vehicle and each component in production by 25% from 2010 to 2018 - which will rely on bright ideas being shared across the business. Part of the microsite highlights projects which show  “it’s fun to be eco-conscious”, while another boasts of VW’s greenest models. To demonstrate this commitment, the Think Blue program highlights initiatives from Volkswagen’s locations around the world, sharing their successes with each other and learning from one another.

Sustainly says

Think Blue is an example of how acting sustainably also makes commercial sense - a more efficient production line is a less costly production line, and if that’s replicated at VW’s plants around the world, it can make some big savings.



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