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Nature Valley Rediscover Nature

The General Mills cereal bars sold as Nature Valley have enjoyed a long-running campaign called ‘Get Out There’, highlighting the supposed link between the snack and the great outdoors.

In 2015 the campaign was expanded with ‘Rediscover Nature’, which sought to encourage parents to get their kids away from the screen and into the green.

The accompanying video, which attracted more than three million YouTube views in its first six months, looked at the childhood experiences of three generations of Canadians. In interviews, grandparents and parents told of fishing, exploring, picking berries, hide and seek, playing baseball in a field, and making a sled from an old sign. In contrast, the new generation of children were all about TV box sets, texting, emailing, and video games - for as much as five hours straight. A mom wipes a tear, as she and the other adults lament that the kids are missing out.


As a remedy, the Nature Valley site had suggestions for outdoor activities, and a parkfinder map to locate nature sites near you.

Sustainly says

This campaign built on the long-established link between Nature Valley and nature. The video painted a gloomy picture, but the site offered a positive way forward with its links to activities and parks.