Ariel asks men to Share the Load

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Ariel Share the Load

While there are still many battles to be fought to ensure gender equality in the workplace, it’s easy to overlook continuing unfairness in domestic life.

A 2016 campaign by laundry products brand Ariel encourages couples to share duties in the home, with the hashtag #ShareTheLoad aimed at dads who don’t pull their weight around the house.


An ad, for the Indian market, where the issue is more pronounced than in the West, features a father, visiting his adult daughter. He looks on, concerned, as she juggles her work, with all the domestic chores, while her couch potato husband watches TV. The father writes a letter, apologizing for himself (and other men of his generation) being a poor role model, and promises to improve. We then see him arriving home, and surprising his wife by doing his own laundry.

Sustainly says

Gender inequality in the home is still a big issue, especially in the world’s largest democracy. This commercial should prick a few consciences and hopefully get a few guys off the couch.