Kimberly-Clark shows how Toilets Change Lives

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Toilets Change Lives

In the West, we may complain if we have to use a restroom with no paper or a broken seat, but more than two billion people around the world - almost a third of the population - don’t even have access to clean water and basic sanitation.

Millions of women have to wait until dark, so they can have some privacy; girls miss school every month because they can’t manage menstruation with access to a toilet; and children miss out on education because of the spread of disease.


Through its Toilets Change Lives campaign, Kimberly-Clark partnered with organizations around the world to provide finance, expertise and resources to enable sustainable solutions to the problem.

Kimberly-Clark has a long-standing commitment to such work. Through its Andrex brand in the UK, it previously donated a proportion of sales income to UNICEF’s sanitation efforts in Angola.

Sustainly says

The lack of sanitation is a major issue for much of the world’s population, but isn’t always one that attracts the attention it deserves. Kimberly-Clark deserves praise for raising awareness and enabling solutions.