FordPass aims to smarten up mobility

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FordPass sustainability

Ford’s ambition to become a mobility organization, instead of simply an auto manufacturer, has taken a leap forward with FordPass - an app-based membership program, free to anyone, even if they don’t own a Ford.

Another app? Yes, but this one is pretty impressive in the services it offers. One of the main benefits is FordPass Park, available in selected cities, which enables you to locate and even reserve and pay for parking before you start your journey.

 If your Ford is equipped with SYNC Connect, you can use the app to check your fuel, tire pressure, or oil level, unlock and even start the car remotely. As well as access to roadside assistance, it puts you in touch with Ford Guides, who can chat by message or even speak to you, like an old-style phone call.

Then there are the associated FordHubs, new, “state-of-the-art experience centers” where you can explore Ford’s innovations and learn more about its developing services.

Sustainly says

Ford wants FordPass to “do for car owners what iTunes did for music fans”. That’s a tall order, but the app-based service is off to a good start and looks destined to develop rapidly.