Jordans partners with farms to protect biodiversity

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British cereal manufacturer Jordans is working with farmers and environmentalists to make farmland more ecologically friendly.

The Jordans Farm Partnership program initially involves five pilot farms, before spreading to all 42 farms that provide the ingredients for its cereals and cereal bars.

The idea behind the project is to create “nature-friendly corridors” and “hedge way highways” on each farm, involving 10% of their land to support wildlife - a total of 44,500 acres across the UK.

This biodiversity drive is being undertaken in collaboration with LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming), the UK’s Wildlife Trusts and the Prince’s Countryside Fund - the first time these organisations have worked together.

The campaign’s web page offers profiles of the farmers taking part in the project. It also acts as a platform for the sustainability storytelling that comes to life and reaches a consumer audience on Facebook through a series of posts and videos that highlight the farmers’ connection to the land and to nature using the hashtag #signsofsummer.

Sustainly says

ABF-owned Jordans is well-placed to position itself as down-to-earth and trustworthy, especially as it has run previous campaigns raising awareness about bee biodiversity.