Why we need groceries not guns

Moms Demand Action
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There are plenty of things you are not allowed to do in a Kroger grocery store. Well, you could hurt someone with that skateboard. Your kid’s water pistol? It could spill water on the floor. And your little dog? It’s not hygienic in a store where there’s food. A gun, on the other hand - in certain US states, that’s no problem.

Campaigning nonprofit Moms Demand Action enlisted Canadian agency Grey in Toronto to create an activist campaign, which encouraged shoppers to avoid Kroger stores until the company changed its ‘open carry’ policy.

The award-winning campaign centers on a video showing customers being told to take their hazardous items - skateboard, water gun, dog - outside, while another walks around freely with an assault weapon over his shoulder.

Although it didn’t influence Kroger, the USA’s biggest grocer, it did lead to the second largest, Safeway/Albertson’s, and Target changing their policy. All told, Moms Demand Action's efforts have created 15,763 no-carry zones - areas where more than 7 million Americans each day frequent.

Sustainly says

By highlighting the apparent absurdity of treating water pistols as more dangerous than real guns, this campaign not only forced some major stores to change their open-carry rules, it also earned a Grand Effie award for Moms Demand Action.