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Ben & Jerry's One Sweet World sustainability marketing

Imagine a world where the dominant message is one of division - where sour-faced lemons demonize other fruit, no matter how much benefit these cherries, strawberries and raspberries bring to society.

That’s what life is like in East Coneville, as portrayed in Ben & Jerry’s new ‘One Sweet World’ campaign video. The animation shows a lemon politician (with a leaf on its head resembling the hairstyle of a certain world leader-in-waiting) stirring up sour feelings at a rally of other lemons against our a lone sweet cherry and other soft fruits. "Go Home" shoults the headline of the local newspaper, Sour Times, and lemons take turns to bully softer fruits in the street.


This scenario of bitterness may feel familiar to anyone who has lived through the 2016 campaigns for Brexit in the UK and for President Donald J. Trump in the US. But in fruitland, at least, there is an, um, undercurrant of hope and reconciliation. It comes in the form of a chance encounter at the local Rosa Park (younger viewers might need to consult their US history books for reference). A lemon and a cherry come together over a shared taste in music and the moment is shared through social media. The gesture goes viral and triggers a chain of inter-fruit friendliness until eventually we see a new, inclusive lemon politician addressing a crowd of mixed fruit under the slogan ‘One Sweet World’.

Sustainly says

Sometimes it takes a cartoon version of reality to shed light on the craziness of a divided society.  By connecting with with HOPE not Hate - a UK organization opposing racism, and developing inclusive communities - Ben & Jerry's continues to tie its brand and products to the values it holds dear in a way that is creative but not preachy.  


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