1912 Pike tells Starbuck's farm to cup stories

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1912 Pike

1912 Pike was the address of the first Starbucks coffee shop in Seattle, and now it’s the name the company uses for the title of its magazine site, majoring on human, community stories.

Farm to Cup has a dedicated sustainabilty focus and carries content that tells the stories of how Starbucks sources its coffee, from the communities that grow it, to the individuals and co-operatives involved in getting it to your cup.

Articles cover topics ranging from the importance of coffee to the people of Costa Rica, and changes in the coffee-growing communities of East Timor, to explanations of the peaberry coffee bean, and the difference between arabica and robusta coffee.

The stories are often engaging, and supported by photography and sometimes video, with new articles added every few days.

Sustainly says

This is an effective way to tell the varied stories of the people around the world, whose efforts enable us to enjoy a cup of coffee.  


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