Fiat says you're not too sexy for its EV

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Fiat eco sexy

While many of us are probably sold on the green idea of electric vehicles (EVs) - they’re quiet, clean, efficient after all. But are they really sexy? That’s what Fiat wants us to believe with its Eco Sexy campaign for the electric version of its retro-styled Fiat 500, the 500e.

A TV ad for the electric version of the 500 shows a female test driver abandoning her demonstration drive to make out with her boyfriend, and the associated campaign focused on a mock dating site to match drivers with their ideal electric car, which was promoted on Facebook and YouTube.


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EVs (the high-ticket Tesla and BMW i8 aside) aren't always seen as the most desirable of vehicles. This campaign used humor to sex-up the latest EV on the market and scored a hit. The campaign picked up two industry awards.