Honey Nut Cheerios campaigns to bring back the bees

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Cheerios Bring back the bees

The famous ‘Buzz’ bee character, who goes with Honey Nut Cheerios as closely as milk, disappeared from packaging in Canada from March 2016.

Buzz’s absence was highlighted by a white space on the packet - a move to highlight declining bee numbers around the world, and to encourage customers to help #BringBackTheBees

The campaign aimed to get Canadians planting flowers by giving away seed packs and attending events to generate more support.

By the end of June 2016 the brand had given away 115 million seeds - far exceeding the 35 it first hoped to distribute.

A microsite contains resources and links, from explaining why bees matter, to how to get more seeds. There’s a counter showing how many seeds have been given away, and a competition to win a garden makeover.

Sustainly says 

Removing a key element that makes your brand recognizable may seem a foolish move, but General Mills is reflecting known public concern about declining bee populations. And, put crudely, without bees, there are no Honey Nut Cheerios.