Sustainability Reports

Domtar's Paper Trail navigates tricky sustainability issues

In 2012 Canadian Paper manufacturer Domtar, took a unique approach to communicating the sustainability journey of its primary product.

FairPrice brings a big picture approach to CSR reporting

The FairPrice Cooperative is Singapore’s largest supermarket chain with more than 100 stores. For its annual CSR report, FairPrice created a microsite to house content from four key areas of their business.

Fedex keeps its CR report simple and effective

Global courier company FedEx brings its online Global Citizen Report to life by using a series of pictograms and a limited colour palette.

Gap Inc. uses bold infographics for social report storytelling

To celebrate ten years of its CSR reporting, GAP Inc released a series of infographics, highlighting its main achievements as listed in the company’s Social and Environmental Responsibility Report.

Gone in 120 seconds - VW's video take on sustainability

Only have a couple of minutes to peruse a CSR report? No problem. Volkswagen has compressed its Sustainability Report into a 120-second video, which outlines that Volkswagen’s future lies in hybrid and electric cars, and research and development.

H&M makes sustainability reporting fashionable

In the past clothing giant H&M has come under strong criticism for its approach to social and environmental sustainability. In the past two years, however, H&M has been working hard to improve the public’s perception of its operations.

Heineken's spoken word approach to the Sustainability Report

How to reinvent the boring old Sustainability Report? If you’re Heineken you commission a spoken word version. The Netherlands-based beverage giant turned to spoken word artist Kevin "Blaxtar" de Randamie to reinterpret the information in its 2015 Sustainability Report.  

Heinz videos tell its sustainability story

Like many companies Heinz has incorporated its CSR report into a dedicated section of its website.

Hormel combines graphics and key facts to produce a clear sustainability report

Using a microsite to house CSR reports can be very flexible option. US Food Manufacturer, Hormel Foods, been producing an online report in the same subdomain for the past four years, affording them the space to improve each year’s version.

HP's Living Progress shows the way forward for sustainability reports

In 2013, HP launched ‘Living Progress - a platform that offers ongoing discourse and news about HP's commitment to wholly integrate human, economic, and environmental progress into the company's core business offering.


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