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Igloo's iFreeze looks to reduce food waste

Food waste is a major sustainability issue throughout the industrialized world, with millions of tonnes thrown out, costing households billions of dollars. Much of this could be saved, if consumers planned ahead and made better use of freezers.

Kraft sneaks additives out of iconic Mac and Cheese

When Kraft decided to change the recipe of its iconic Macaroni and Cheese - ditching artificial preservatives for a combination of paprika, annatto and turmeric - you’d have thought they’d be shouting all natural from the rafters.

Lego seeks to fuel girl power through #keepbuilding

Lego - the Danish toy manufacturer, whose plastic interlocking brick sets have become a global phenomenon - has faced a lot of criticism in recent years for focusing its marketing almost exclusively on boys. Then it hit back with a TV ad about a young girl and her mom.

Mainpeople hopes a crazy ad will prompt more charitable giving

A man flails around in a lake - he’s clearly drowning. A group of assorted characters stands on the dock - they’re concerned to an extent, but more interested in spouting their own opinions than saving the poor guy in the water.

Nike celebrates sport for all Indian women with a Da Da Ding

Encouraging women and girls to be more active is a challenge facing many societies, not least in the world’s largest democracy, India. So Nike’s ad agency Wieden + Kennedy produced a fast-paced video to attract women into sports and other physical activity.

Pedigree shows how dogs are good for the soul with Feed the Good

Dogs do good - they’re good for individuals and good for society more widely. That’s the message in this feel-good campaign from Pedigree, the Mars-owned pet food brand.

PG Tips paying a fair picking wage

Tea is a product fraught with sustainability issues. Firstly, it is a cash crop that often displaces more urgently required food crops - leading to hunger and nutrition issues in some developing countries. Secondly, the tea pickers are prone to the fluctuations of prices in the global market, meaning that they at risk of exploitation.

Shiseido's schoolgirls have a secret

This arty ad takes us on an intriguing journey - although, physically, it is confined to a single school classroom. The camera takes us around the class of high school girls, sitting in dignified and feminine silence, while a young female teacher writes on the board in front of them.

UN turns to animated ad to trumpet Global Goals

Project Everyone has produced what is claimed to be the first global movie-theater commercial.

Wells Fargo embraces gay parenting in national TV campaign

Wells Fargo has become the first US bank to feature a same-sex couple in a TV commercial.


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