Sustainable Cities and Communities

IBM connects people to rethink smarter city living

We’ve seen many examples of corporations presenting their ideas and success stories to make our cities smarter and more sustainable, and as a global tech leader, you’d expect IBM to be at the forefront.

Krrb puts the local back into upcycling

Krrb acts as a “hyperlocal” classifieds network where users explore what is available in their own neighborhoods. It was created by AREA 17, an interactive agency in New York City and Paris, France in 2010. Today It has a presence in 3681 cities in 125 countries. 

Microsoft's CityNext joins the smart city movement

Around half the world’s population lives in cities, and that will grow to 70% by 2050. People are flocking into cities in ever greater numbers, and now 80% of the world’s GDP is created in cities.

Natural ventilation? Build as termites do

Nearly twenty years old, the Eastgate centre is a combined shopping and office complex in central Harare designed by Mick Pearce. The building uses a design method that mimics that of a termites nest, which uses the unique layout to ventilate and cool the building naturally.

Norway's Powerhouse project points to true sustainable design

Imagine a building that actually created more energy than it consumed during its lifetime, a building that integrated renewable energy creation seamlessly into its structure without compromising its design.

Oreo encourages all of us to "open up"

As the world’s favorite cookie, Oreo is a powerful brand, with the potential to reach and influence a vast global market. The Open Up with Oreo campaign urges us to open up to people who are different from us, and  discover the similarities.

Philips LumiMotion knows when to turn the lights on and off

Lumimotion is a smart lighting system from Philips that uses sensors to determine optimum lighting levels for the amount of street activity.

Philips turns to Pinterest for Liveable Cities contest

Dutch tech giant Philips used Pinterest to promote sustainability thinking by creating a competition around the long-running Livable Cities initiative.

Siemens predicts air pollution

Air pollution in cities isn’t just an inconvenience - it’s a major killer. The World Health Organization reported in May 2015 that almost 90% of the world's urban population breathes in air containing pollutants at well above recommended levels. Around seven million people die each year from the effects of air pollution.

Sony uses YouTube to crowdsource Futurescapes

Building on the success of 2011’s Open Ideas, Sony partnered with Forum for the Future along with media outfits The Guardian, Wired and Economist Intelligence unit, and challenged the online community to imagine what the world of 2025 will look like and the role technology might play in creating a more sustai