Sustainable Cities and Communities

Co-op group reaches out to the crowd with Let's Talk campaign

The UK-based Co-op Group - a mutual organization, owned by its 8 million members -  suffered major reputational damage in 2013, with a £1.5bn capital shortfall and its former chairman questioned by police about drug abuse.

Detroit Lives shines a documentary light on creative urban renewal

Back in 2010 Palladium Boots commissioned Johnny Knoxville to take a driving tour of Detroit and help refute many media claims that the city was on its knees. 

Deutsche Bank Urban Age Awards promote sustainable city life

The annual Deutsche Bank Urban Age Award offers $100,000 to a project that improves lives in some of the world’s poorest urban environments. The seventh awards, based in Delhi, saw the prize shared between two projects, Chintan and Goonj, chosen by an independent panel, from 135 applications.

Dublin proves it's a fair (and smart) city

Dublin, capital of Ireland, may traditionally be regarded as a quaint old city of pubs and historic buildings but that image is changing as it transforms into a smart city, where the pubs have internet-controlled, energy efficient lighting, and tourists and locals can easily navigate the streets, thanks to connected technology.

Duracell powers forward with emergency relief

When a natural disaster strikes, we tend to think of food, water, shelter, and medical aid as the most urgent needs. But power is equally vital.

Eat With employs good taste to sustain local culture and economy

Eat With is a culinary sharing economy service that matches travelers looking for good food and local culture with trained chefs and talented home chefs in cities around the world.

FordPass aims to smarten up mobility

Ford’s ambition to become a mobility organization, instead of simply an auto manufacturer, has taken a leap forward with FordPass - an app-based membership program, free to anyone, even if they don’t own a Ford.

Frog brings Big Data analysis to wearable health technology

With design hubs around the globe, design and and innovation firm, Frog, is well placed to create products specially tailored to the differing needs of the world. The German-born, San Francisco-based company's foray into city-specific wearable technology is one good example.

How soundscapes help people with sight loss navigate cities

Getting around a city or between cities can be a challenge at the best of times, but that challenge is far greater for those with limited or no sight.

IBM brings its smarts to buildings with Johnson Controls

IBM’s Smarter Buildings is a management system that goes beyond using sensors and metering to provide software that enables analytics to better understand where energy could be saved.