Good Health & Wellbeing

Was BMW "crazy" to run its Cute Cottage ad?

A couple in a BMW X3 SUV pulls up to a secluded inn. It looks in a state of disrepair, and the driveway is overgrown.

When Novo Nordisk used Super Nintendo to teach about diabetes

A game about a disease may not seem like a great idea, but Captain Novolin, the diabetic superhero of this game sponsored by Novo Nordisk, won praise from families and health professionals. as well as the kids playing it.

Why sleep matters to Aetna

We hear a lot about the importance of diet and exercise, but one factor that has a huge impact on health is often overlooked - sleep. Health insurance provider Aetna is aiming to raise awareness of how much a good night’s sleep matters.

Withings has its fingers on the wearable health pulse

Using an integrated platform including sensory devices, multiple smartphone apps and a website, Withings’ Pulse and Activitie allow users to gain a more accurate assessment of the state of their body. Although sensory bracelets are not a uniquely Withings product, it has a few things up its sleeve to make its products pretty interesting.


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