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Dove says No Likes Needed

For many people, especially the young, and especially girls, self-image is a serious issue. Dove UK's #NoLikesNeeded campaign aimed to persuade girls that they shouldn’t judge their beauty because of the number of "likes" their selfies get on social media.

Dove's Real Beauty pushes social buttons with Beautiful/Average video

Unilever’s Dove brand has been running a long-term campaign about "real beauty". We’ve written about it before, and how it highlights that women’s perceptions of their appearance are often less positive than the way they are seen by others.

Eli Lilly offers cancer relief through art with Hope Murals Project

Among the many ways people find to deal with cancer, painting has emerged as a favorite. Large, colorful paintings in particular provide a defiant and positive statement.

Ford's Warrior in Pink offers sartorial support for breast cancer fight with its own apparel

Ford Motor Company has been involved in the fight against breast cancer for more than two decades, and has raised $128 million for the cause. Its Warriors in Pink apparel is at the forefront of the fund-raising drive to help build awareness that leads to proactive self-care and to support research and education.

Frog brings Big Data analysis to wearable health technology

With design hubs around the globe, design and and innovation firm, Frog, is well placed to create products specially tailored to the differing needs of the world. The German-born, San Francisco-based company's foray into city-specific wearable technology is one good example.

Gamification + wearable tech = healthier BP employees

Most modern Western lifestyles lifestyle are mainly sedentary meaning that a large proportion of the population do not get the daily exercise that they need.

Garmin gets Vivofit and Vivosmart

Navigation device developer Garmin has branched out into the world of wearable tech through its Vivofit, and Vivosmart devices.

Gatorade inspires young athletes with Win from Within

Gatorade’s Win From Within campaign began life as a showcase for the stories of sports professionals - aspirational role models for the brand’s target market of young athletes.

Gillette recruits rugby league stars to tackle Movember

Movember is an annual awareness campaign during November in the UK when men are encouraged to grow luxuriant mustaches to raise money and awareness for men’s health issues, including prostate cancer, testicular cancer, poor mental health, and physical inactivity. 

Google Glass brings AR to the ER

Google Glass represents exciting audiovisual opportunities, not least for real-time and immersive education.


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