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Axe/Lynx understand men are work in progress

Lynx, the brand name for Axe in the UK and some other markets, for a long time ran humorous campaigns which focused on the power of Unilever’s male-grooming range to make men attractive to women.

Bodyform's Blood breaks the period and exercise taboo

Women wanting to keep fit face a problem, which their male counterparts don’t - their period. So Bodyform, a leading UK feminine protection brand, launched - a campaign to show women how to keep training and enjoying activity throughout the menstrual cycle.

Charmin embarks on a beach toilet Relief Project

Many thousands of Americans visit the beach every summer, and it would seem most pee in the sea. One of the reasons, Charmin suggests, could be because beach bathrooms are notoriously poorly maintained - they’re likely to be dirty, and the toilet paper (if there’s any left) of poor quality.

Cigna promotes healthy thinking through Together platform

As the title suggests, Cigna’s blog site, Together, is about partnership - specifically the user’s partnership with the US health services organization, and in some instances with others too.

Cigna takes health advice mobile

When it comes to health, sometimes you need help fast, and if you’re in a strange town - or even a foreign country - how do you find a doctor or dentist when you need one? Cigna has answered that problem with an app - in fact, two apps: one for customers in the US and one for those travelling overseas.

Cigna uses wearable tech to fight diabetes

One of the real benefits of wearable technology is its power to prevent the onset of diseases, such as diabetes, through giving users insight into how to change their lifestyles. Connecticut-based health and insurance company, Cigna, has been putting the technology to good use.

Clorox taps into viral flu conversation to stop the spread

‘Going viral’ takes on a new meaning (well old actually), when the topic is the flu.

CVS puts money where its mouth is to stop smoking

Want to quit smoking, but don’t know where to get help? Or maybe you’re overwhelmed by all the sources of support and guidance and don’t know where to turn? Either way, pharmacy chain CVS aims to provide the answer with its Quit Smoking Hub.

Dettol pushes for clean hands in India to reduce disease

Diarrhea is a killer in many parts of the world, and in countries such as India it is one of the primary causes of death among young children.

Does Waitrose' cow cams demonstrate dairy transparency?

Amid customer concerns about animal welfare and certain supermarkets using fake farm names to make produce sound more appealing, upscale UK grocer Waitrose hit back with a novel way to highlight the lifestyle of its dairy cattle.


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