The Sustainerati

Every year, for the past five years, to accompany the Social Media Sustainability Index, we’ve compiled a list of must-follow voices on Twitter who we feel offer the most compelling view points and coverage of sustainability news and opinion.

Back in 2010 we called our list the Green Twitterati. Fast forward to 2015 and we’ve evolved the name to the Sustainerati (same silly pun admittedly) and we’ve also evolved our list of key voices to encapsulate what we believe is the changing face of sustainability - a movement that today is as much about technology-led innovation and a connection with community as it is about environmental and CSR concerns.

This year’s list includes the great and the good from the world of media, consultancy and agencies, some smart company voices and a new section covering the world of innovation in the form of the Internet of Things, the Sharing Economy and the Makers Movement.

There’s no doubt that sustainability has come a long way in just five short years. We think this year’s Sustainerati reflects both the maturity and the forward-looking mentality of this truly exciting sector.

We've compiled over 70 great people to follow for this year's Sustainerati. Below is just a snapshot of who is on the list. Click on the image below to read the full Sustainerati. And let us know who you think should be included next time.