Terms & Conditions

Sharing and Distributing Our Content with Colleagues

We hope you find our research valuable and we’d be delighted for you to tell your colleagues about it. However telling and sharing our paid research aren’t the same thing. 

A great deal of time and thinking goes into our Intelligence Engine and Special Reports - that’s why we sell them for a single use only. Obviously we can’t stop you from distributing our research through email, company intranets and social networks but we’d ask you to keep in mind that if you do that you’re taking away from our ability to keep producing this type of research. That wouldn't be very sustainable!

Thanks in advance for respecting our work.

Distributing Our Report Content Externally

We are happy for you to use some of our case studies and data in our reports in internal presentations to clients as long as you credit the content to Sustainly.com. We also understand you may want include some case studies in blog posts, slide shows or videos. Please always credit Sustainly.com if you do so. In no circumstance, however, can you use our content in your own presentations to commercial audiences at conferences or workshops.

If you have any questions about our terms and conditions please email Matthew Yeomans - matthew at sustainly.com