Charmin embarks on a beach toilet Relief Project

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Charmin Pee in the Sea

Many thousands of Americans visit the beach every summer, and it would seem most pee in the sea.

One of the reasons, Charmin suggests, could be because beach bathrooms are notoriously poorly maintained - they’re likely to be dirty, and the toilet paper (if there’s any left) of poor quality.

In 2015 Charmin addressed this apparent problem through a humorous experiential and public service campaign that involved Charmin visiting US beaches with its own high quality mobile bathrooms, replete with abundant supplies of, you guessed it, Charmin paper.

The brand has been on its mission to bring a better bathroom experience since 2000, when it introduced Potty Palooza, traveling bathroom facilities stocked with Charmin, which appeared at state fairs and other events across the country. Under the umbrella campaign called the Charmin Relief Project the brand also launched the Sit or Squat “Find a public restroom App” and, during the holiday shopping seasons from 2006 through 2010, there were Charmin restrooms near Times Square, providing relief for more than 1.5 million users in Manhattan.

Sustainly says

Environmental concerns about the manufacture of toilet paper and the amount of water used to flush toilets abound, but Charmin plays to its sustainability and social responsibility strengths through community service and citizenship.