IBM brings 3D printing to microchip prototyping

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IBM Microchip 3D Printing

3D printing is disrupting the existing methods and supply chains for prototyping, greatly reducing costs, time and carbon footprint. IBM has developed a microscopic 3D printer capable of creating microchip board prototypes at a third of the cost of a standard prototype. IBM’s printer also allows the manufacturer to “read” the chipboard as well as write, enabling standard verification in real time and reducing the amount of energy required to create the product.

The sustainability upside of IBM embracing 3D printing technology is that it is far cheaper and easier to develop prototypes, meaning enhanced end products, as well as using less energy in manufacturing and removing excess mileage from the supply chain.

In a separate project, IBM showcased its 3D printing technology by creating in real time mini trophies at Wimbledon 2013.


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3D printing holds massive possibilities for improving nanotechnology and broadening the global population coverage of ICT, it just needs more companies to embrace it.