General Mills takes to Tumblr to give a taste of its history

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General Mills Tumblr

General Mills is an icon in the food industry, with 150 years of history and a portfolio of brands with their own stories to tell.

Its corporate history could fill many books, but it’s much more engaging and accessible to use Tumblr.

The General Mills History Tumblr uses photos, artwork and information from the company archives to provide a browsable journey through the life and times of the corporation and its brands.

The material is often fascinating. There’s a collage of photos from the 1920s, for instance, showing the work that went into making flour sacks; and a 1940s cartoon of a one-man tennis match - who needs an opponent, when you’ve had your Wheaties for breakfast, you can run from one end of the court to the other to return your own serve?

There’s more recent content, too - a 1988 Cheerios ad, for example, and another ‘80s phenomenon, the introduction of Totino’s Microwave Crisp Crust Pizza.

Some will no doubt also recall the 1967 ‘Televittles’, a range of snacks to eat while watching TV. Other  snacks included Bugles, Whistles, and Daisy*s but only Bugles remains on the market nearly 50 years later.

Sustainly says

This Tumblr is a virtual museum of corporate history - a clever way to tell a corporate history and connect with brand afficionados.