Aetna's focuses on mindfulness

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Aetna Mindfulness

Health care provider Aetna understandably has an interest in mental as well as physical wellbeing.

Its 30-day mindfulness challenge (#Mindful30) in January 2016 enlisted the help of bloggers to share tips and help add mindfulness to daily routines.

A lively campaign tumblr includes contributions from bloggers on a whole range of mindfulness aspects, ranging from relationships to eating, from bathtime to laughter, from breathing to posture, and from work-life balance to sleeping.

Readers are invited to get involved too, by sharing posts and making their own contributions through social media.

It makes sense for a healthcare company to help Improve health, and the ability of mindfulness to reduce stress could be a big help towards that goal.   

Sustainly says

This is a useful go-to site, full of advice and shared experience. We just wonder if finding your way through all this guidance could be a little stressful …