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REI taps into Pinterest power for eco-storytelling

By on Apr 22, 2014 in Consumer Goods, Fashion, Sustainability Marketing | 0 comments

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REI Pinterest Backyard Adventures

Still trying to work out how Pinterest can be a good storytelling platform?

The secret lies in the social media platform’s power as a curation engine – making the most of other people’s pins to shape a particular brand theme or story.

To give you a better idea, here’s what REI is doing on Pinterest with the help of power pinner Jennifer Chong. She is a designer and photographer who also just happens to have a follower base of over 2 million on Pinterest.

That’s quite an audience (REI by contrast has 33,000 followers) so, to help REI tell its eco-friendly outdoor lifestyle story, the brand has partnered with Chong sending her on an adventure journey around the US backcountry that she chronicles on her blog and through her Pinterest presence, adding to her own photographs with pins of other photos documenting America’s great parks and wilderness.

It’s part travelogue, part REI catalogue and 100% an innovative and fun way for a big brand to connect with the Pinterest community.

Matthew Yeomans is the founder of Sustainly and the author of the Social Media Sustainability Index.
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