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Chipotle puts takes aim at Big Agriculture with Farmed and Dangerous series

By on Jul 22, 2014 in Brand Campaign, Case Studies, Food, Food & Drink, Video Series, Videos | 0 comments

When it comes to talking sustainability, the go-to comms solution for most chain restaurants and fast food outlets is a shiny CSR section on their website, maybe a few smart infographics and a video or two documenting the tangible outcome of their efforts. The tone is positive throughout, the key takeaway: ‘Look at the good stuff we’re doing.’ Chipotle, however, has turned this standard approach on its head, choosing to communicate a message through a new medium – an online TV mini-series – and with a decidedly less gung-ho, corporate tone. The Storytelling The online four-part mini-series, ‘Farmed and Dangerous’ takes a satirical look at factory farms, processed foods and big agriculture, highlighting the problems of unsustainable food production and, of course, directly endorsing the Chipotle way of doing things. Production values are high (‘24’ and ‘Mad Men’ actor Ray Wise stars),...

Marriott takes to sharing its office space with LiquidSpace

By on Jul 21, 2014 in Companies, Innovation, Marriott, Sharing Economy | 0 comments

How many times have you found yourself on the road fighting to meet a deadline while jostling for space and a power socket in some over-priced coffee shop?  This is where Workspace on Demand comes in –  offering a convenient, quiet and dependable mobile working environment charged for by the hour. Workspace on Demand is a collaboration between Marriott Hotels and sharing workspace start up, LiquidSpace. Marriott frees up a number of spaces within its US hotel chain that would otherwise not be utilised and LiquidSpace brokers those spaces through its online platform and community. The upshot is a more efficient use of Marriott’s dead office space and. moving forward, a potentially lucrative new line of business for other hotels around the world to tap into. Sustainly says – Collaborative work enables enhanced rates of innovation. Collaborative consumption of space, using a...

With Bla Bla Car there’s no more loneliness of the long distance motorist

By on Jul 18, 2014 in Innovation, Sharing Economy, Transport | 0 comments

Company: Bla Bla Car Location: UK, France, Spain, Poland Driving is so convenient that it’s no surprise most of the world would prefer to travel by car. Increasingly though people are coming to terms with the environmental cost of their attachment to the auto, and they are seeking out greener, more cost-effective ways to get around. Until recently, most car sharing services have been restricted to short journeys within cities. Bla Bla Car, aims to take you further, offering a long-distance, inter-city car-sharing service that allows drivers to find passengers who are heading in the same direction, and share the cost of the fuel. Users find people going their way via Bla Bla’s website or the dedicated mobile app. Less individual drivers means less cars on the road means less emissions. Sustainly says – A good example of the potential of the sharing economy – less individual...

Southwest Airlines’s LUV Seat repurposes with a purpose

By on Jul 17, 2014 in Airlines, Brand Campaign, Case Studies, Crowdsourcing, Southwest Airlines, Twitter, Waste | 0 comments

When Southwest Airlines took the sustainable step of reducing the weight of its planes – and therefore its fuel consumption – by replacing seat covers with a more lightweight, durable fabric, it was left with a colossal 43 acres of leather. Determined not to undo its good environmental efforts by simply dumping it all in landfill, the airline set about finding a more sustainable home for the fabric, and the campaign LUV Seat was born. How It Works Partnering with a number of charities and organisations in Kenya, the leather is now being used to make a variety of items that are enriching the lives of disadvantaged kids. One program is using the fabric to make closed-toe shoes for children, thereby eliminating the risk of a debilitating disease known as Jiggers. Another organisation is using the leather to make footballs, which are used in health and sex education programs. Others are...

Creating a rich Mosaic of solar power for US homes

By on Jul 16, 2014 in Case Studies, Crowdfunding, Energy, Innovation | 0 comments

Company – Mosaic Location – USA Most people realise that solar power is good for the planet but installing solar panels at home isn’t cheap. Due to a variety of financial reasons, poor credit histories being one of them, many Americans are unable to install solar panels in their homes. This is where Mosaic steps in. A specific crowdfunding community, Mosaic was established solely for the purpose of allowing more people to access clean energy through solar panels. People can either lend their own money (receiving a fixed interest rate of return) to help others install solar panels, or they can borrow funds to install solar panels in their own home. As of July 2014, more than $9 million had been invested in the Mosaic platform. Sustainly says – Solar power provides much needed affordable, clean electricity. Sourcing installation finance through crowdfunding helps more...

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