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Dr. Pepper calls on the crowd to help fund college kids

By on Oct 20, 2014 in Brand Campaign, Case Studies, Communication, Crowdsourcing, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, Education, Food & Drink, Issues, Sectors, Sustainability Marketing, Videos | 0 comments

Company name: Dr Pepper Snapple Group Country: US  2014 Dr Pepper has been holding tuition giveaways since 2008, awarding more than $6m to students to help them achieve their goals. This year, the drinks brand is offering $1 million in support by asking entrants to upload a profile to the Dr Pepper Tuition site outlining their personal life goal. Once the entrants have received 50 votes of support for their goal, Dr Pepper will invite them to make a video outlining their hopes and aspirations. The company will then select finalists for a chance to compete to win up to $100,000 in tuition at a College Football game. There’s an additional $5,000 in tuition available if the entrants make it onto the leaderboard top five. The Storytelling With tuition costs rising and financial obstacles pricing many young minds out of a college education, Dr. Pepper’s potential $100,000...

AGCO delivers a readable CSR report with Uberflip

By on Oct 17, 2014 in AGCO, Agriculture, Case Studies, Communication, Content Marketing, Sustainability Reports | 0 comments

Company: AGCO Country: USA Year: 2012 Reading a PDF report online can be a monotonous task of relentless scrolling down through pages upon page. AGCO, one of America’s largest manufacturers of agricultural equipment, chose to change this experience when publishing its 2012 Sustainability report. Using Uberflip’s content marketing platform, AGCO turned its CSR report into an engaging online experience. Uberflip renders PDFs into a magazine like interface, letting readers flip between pages and zooming in where necessary. Readers can jump between pages, use the bottom navigation to understand what section they’re in and customise the text size when viewing. In addition to viewing the report in a web browser, Uberflip enables documents to be read on a mobile or tablet device in the same magazine style format while individual pages can be shared via social networks. Sustainly says: As AGCO...

DHL’s Facebook support for Bianchi backfires

By on Oct 17, 2014 in #FAILs, Case Studies, Community, DHL, Issues, Reputation, Sectors, Transportation | 0 comments

Company name: DHL Country: Global 2014 Delivery giant and long-time Formula 1 sponsor DHL has been keeping race fans updated on behind-the-scenes track action via its Formula 1 Backstage by DHL Facebook page. However, in October 2014,  it angered fans by committing a classic social media faux pas after French driver Jules Bianchi was involved in a serious crash. Though trying to support the stricken driver DHL posted this update on Facebook:  “Ghastly accident in Japan. Jules Bianchi is fighting for his life. By clicking ‘Like’ on this occasion, you’ll be sending Jules your best wishes for a speedy recovery.” While it would have been remiss of DHL to avoid mentioning the accident altogether, doing so in such a seemingly frivolous and contrived way – an apparent crusade for engagement and more “Likes” – seems exploitative. It’s little surprise its community was outraged,...

Cascadian Farm Organic urges us to Bee Friendlier

By on Oct 15, 2014 in Brand Campaign, Case Studies, Companies, Conservation, Food & Drink, General Mills, Issues, Sectors, Storytelling, Sustainability Marketing | 0 comments

Company: General Mills Country: US 2014 The Project General Mills-owned organic food brand Cascadian Farm has always taken a green approach to its produce, focusing on recycling and sustainability. Its latest campaign – Bee Friendlier – seeks to preserve the dwindling bee population through a digital awareness-raising drive, which also featured its pretty cool ‘Flower Bombing’ initiative, where over one million colourful seed ‘bombs’ were dropped from a plane over Yolo County in California, in a bid to restore bee habitats. The Storytelling Cascadian Farm has a well-designed, fun and engaging website with a social media presence to match. The brand is less about self-promotion and more about adding value to its customers’ lives, and that’s why it enjoys solid social success. As such it’s well-positioned to highlight the plight of our tiny furry friends, and does so by spelling out the...

Ford embraces 3D printing for prototype design and testing

By on Oct 13, 2014 in 3D Printing, Autos, Companies, Energy, Ford, Innovation, Issues, Sectors | 0 comments

Company: Ford Country: Global 2013 Ford engineers generate thousands of ideas about how to make their vehicles more aerodynamic and efficient. Unfortunately the large majority of these ideas never get to be tested because constructing full size prototypes is an expensive, time-consuming and resource intensive procedure. Using 3D printing has enabled Ford to cut unnecessary costs and energy out of its prototype production as all of the components are designed and manufactured in the same place. An engine intake manifold prototype, for example, can cost $500,000 and take months be created and delivered. With 3D printing, Ford can print the same part in just four days for about $3,000. Not only is this a big sustainability and costs win for the US manufacturer, it also provides Ford’s engineers and design team with a lot more time to design more efficient and dynamic vehicles. Sustainly...

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